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P.O. Box 90, Woodstock, VT 05091


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Vermont Pharmacists Day 2018 will be January 26, 2018 at the Statehouse

Standing Order for Distribution of Naloxone Prescription for Overdose Prevention

Vermont has become one of the first states to grant 'provider' status to pharmacists! Governor Shumlin signed S.243 into law on June 8th. This legislation, primarily aimed at combating opioid abuse, paves the way for pharmacists to be recognized as health care providers with regards to clinical services. As more states sign HCP legislation, the ultimate goal will be a change in the Federal law so that our services will be reimbursable under Medicare Part B.
This rapid victory came about with the collaborative efforts of the Vermont Pharmacists Association, Vermont Health Systems Pharmacists, Vermont Retail Druggists, and the Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences-Colchester.
Representatives of these groups were on hand along with the Governor, Speaker of the House Smith, Health Commissioner Chen, Sen. Claire Ayer, and others for the signing at the Community Health Center of Burlington.
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Congratulations to the 2016 class of PharmDs of Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the graduates of other regional New England and New York colleges of pharmacy! Question, advocate, lead, and prosper during your practice of the profession!
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A bill has been introduced into the Vermont House of Representatives that could help pave the way for pharmacists to be recognized with complete Health Care Provider status in Vermont. H.813 would allow pharmacists to be paid for clinical interventions rather than just dispensing.

Follow the link to the draft bill. Click on the 'Bill/Resolution Text' link to see the full wording.

Vermont Pharmacists Day 2016

Vermont Pharmacists Day 2016 was held January 22nd at the Statehouse in Montpelier. Testimony was given to both the Senate & House 'Health & Welfare Committees' in support of pharmacists being granted Health Care Provider Status. Students from Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences were on hand. Congressman Peter Welch offered testimony regarding prescription drug pricing. During the full House session in the main chamber, the legislature recognized the attendees from ACPHS and representatives from VPA, The Vermont Retail Druggists, and Vermont Health Systems Pharmacists.
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Anthony Otis is Retiring

While Otis & Kennedy remains the VPA lobbying firm, Anthony Otis is retiring from practice. In recognition of Anthony Otis' significant contribution to the Profession of Pharmacy in VT, Executive Director Jim Marmar presented him with a piece of artwork at our Fall CE & Business Meeting.
"To Anthony Otis: With great appreciation, admiration, and approval we honor you with this gift of art that is as timeless as your support has meant to Vermont pharmacists. Friendship by one and all, the Vermont Pharmacists Association. Given October 25, 2015." 

VPA Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year

The 2015 VPA Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year award winner is Stefanie Buffum, PharmD! Tom White of the Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Co, the sponsor of the award, poses with Stefanie. We congratulate her for achievements!
This award was designed to acknowledge young pharmacists for individual excellence and outstanding contribution to their pharmacy association and community. It was presented Sunday, October 24th, at the fall VPA CE Conference held in Colchester.
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2015-2016 VPA Scholarship Winners

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Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015-2016
 VPA scholarships!

Congratulations to the newly graduated PharmD's of Albany College & Health Sciences - Vermont Campus, May 2015.
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Previous graduating classes ...
The 2014 Pharmacy class at the ACPHS Vermont Campus graduated on Sunday May 18th, 2014. The graduates are pictured below. Congratulations new pharmacists!
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The first Doctor of Pharmacy class at the ACPHS Vermont Campus graduated on May 19th, 2013. The 74 graduates are pictured below. Congratulations new pharmacists!

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The Vermont Pharmacists Association is a non profit organization that enables pharmacists in Vermont to have a unified voice. If you are a pharmacist in Vermont and not yet a member of VPA, please fill out and send in our membership application.
This site exists for the purpose of uniting and informing Vermont Pharmacists. By creating a network of pharmacists on the web, it allows us to become a more powerful voice. Please take the time to look around and utilize the services that we have set up. Read on to find out what the VPA web site has to offer.