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Upcoming Vermont Pharmacists Day
The 5th Annual Vermont Pharmacists Day will be held at the Statehouse in Montpelier on Thursday, January 29th from 8:00am-1:00pm. Pharmacists and pharmacy students have the opportunity to meet informally with state legislators to advocate for both patients and profession. Please mark the day on your calendar. All members are welcome to attend. For more information, contact Jim Marmar, Executive Director, VPA at

Upcoming Board of Pharmacy Meeting

The next meeting of the Board of Pharmacy is scheduled for January 28th at 9 AM. The meeting will be held on the 3rd floor of the City Center, 89 Main Street in Montpelier.

The 2014 Pharmacy class at the ACPHS Vermont Campus graduated on Sunday May 18th. The graduates are pictured below. Congratulations new pharmacists!
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ACPHS-VT Commencement Address
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Representatives of the Vermont Pharmacists Association, Vermont Retail Druggists and Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences gathered, Wednesday, February 19th at the Statehouse in Montpelier. Students from the college performed blood pressure screenings and showcased the educational requirements of earning a PharmD. Members of the two pharmacists groups testified at committee hearings of the House Health Committee and the House Judiciary Committee. Testimony was given for several bills that could potentially impact pharmacists. Legislation that touches on refill synchronization, filling CII prescriptions from out of state doctors, the VPMS, and many other topics were covered. The event ended after the group was formally recognized at a gathering of all the House legislators.
This year marks the fourth time that the Vermont Pharmacists Day has been held at the Statehouse. Our increased presence in Montpelier has helped to raise the awareness of both the profession and the issues facing us and our patients. We look forward to returning in 2015.

The first Doctor of Pharmacy class at the ACPHS Vermont Campus graduated on May 19th. The 74 graduates are pictured below. Congratulations new pharmacists!

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The Vermont Pharmacists Association is a non profit organization that enables pharmacists in Vermont to have a unified voice. If you are a pharmacist in Vermont and not yet a member of VPA, please fill out and send in our membership application.
This site exists for the purpose of uniting and informing Vermont Pharmacists. By creating a network of pharmacists on the web, it allows us to become a more powerful voice. Please take the time to look around and utilize the services that we have set up. Read on to find out what the VPA web site has to offer.